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Shipping & Returns

We provide customers with fast processing and transportation fun shopping. International Air Express EMS, DHL, TNT . The delivery time depends on the destination.
As usual, your order will be 1-3 working days after receipt of payment to confirm the shipping address delivery. All packages Installed must participate
When a payment is received, a tracking number will be provided by e-mail.

Orders (in 12-24 hours)
After placing your order, please check your email for order confirmation! An email order confirmation will be sent to you. This will be required 7-9 days to arrive at the door. In addition, we also need two days, order processing and delivery. Within 24-48 hours, I We'll send you a package number when you get the order.
Cancel order (in 6-8 hours)
Before the order has been shipped, a decree must be requested. Because we are as fast as possible within 6-8 hours with all orders Post-processing, so we are not always able to cancel the order after the introduction. I hope you understand this point. Once you have An order has been dispatched and will be deemed to comply with the return policy cancellation request. If you want to cancel the boat, we will get the support Pay the commission of 8% amount.Hope can understand the order of this key point.

Back (30 days after receiving the package)
We only accept the reasons for the return of the following three aspects.
1. Size error
2. The project will be miswired
3. Faulty parts

Received the wrong item or defective item, please notify us 1-2 days from the date of receipt of the goods in order to be eligible to receive Refund or replacement. If you can not provide us with timely notification, you may not enjoy a refund or replacement.

All returns must be allowed
In order to obtain an authorization return, please contact customer service for a return authorization. All items must be returned with new, wear-free and Flush condition.All the original label must still be attached. If you return items without authorization, we will refuse Accepted or non-refundable.
This rule does not apply to products that cause physical damage to the user.
Tips: The best way to send back, so you can get faster, and then quickly resolved

. Friendship tips:
They do not include return shipping, return shipping and handling shipping and shipping items back to you and you will be responsible. Recommended to send We can not be responsible for cargo tracking and insurance losses if combined with our own protection. Delivery and Payment Management (15% of the volume), is irreversible.

We must check the returned items to verify that the device is damaged, used or modified by the right. If the shoes are returned Not a country, in resellable, shipping charges will be charged to credit card customers and shoes will be returned to the customer. Buyer support Return the product with freight charges and do not bear any cost to replace the freight. Reimbursement will be made immediately upon issuance of the document's credit card /> Return.
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